Musical instruments that you probably don't know

There are several musical instruments that are unknown to the general public and that you probably don't know. We have put together a list of 4 of the musical instruments. If you are the kind of person who makes music even with a matchbox, you will definitely be interested in the unusual melody produced by them. The Stylophone Invented in 1967 by Brian Jarvis, the stylophone is a small electronic instrument consisting of a metal keyboard, which must be played with a pen. You've probably never seen one up close, but you've certainly heard it in action. The stylophone has been used in songs like... See more

6 simple steps to learn to play the piano

The piano is one of the kings of instruments. Music is everywhere in society. It is not only found in those who are professionally dedicated to it, but also in anyone who can play an instrument or sing for pure pleasure. Playing the piano requires basic knowledge of music theory and knowing how to read sheet music. Find comfort in your piano It takes a lot of time to understand your piano and how to manage it. Sit on it with good posture and a completely straight back, arms parallel to the keys. We recommend positioning your hands as if you were holding a small tangerine in each palm. To do th... See more

4 steps to make your music a big hit!

It sounds like a cliché, but the dream of all musicians and artists is to be successful in their work. Given the competitiveness of the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve this dream. However, some actions open more paths, increasing the chances that the work will be noticed by the public and reach the expected space. Here are the 4 basic steps to success with music. Record your music in a professional studio With so many different artists and sounds available in the music market, it's important to have quality work to present to the public. You should choose a studio that... See more

Music as a real way of communication.

There is no need necessarly for calling people(groups of person), writing letters, or telling directly a person or people, the informations, advices or  sending messages that we want adress them. We can take by a general and exclusive way which is the one of music.   Advices and suggestions through music More than musical sounds, music is somehow a true way for giving advices, or making suggestions. As we have just said, music permit making suggestions, the expression of advices, informations and messages. For exemple, the artist named Kate Nash urges music, industry to change after 2021... See more

.Appeasement and Good atmospher in music

Since many century, musical sounds had existed and still existing. More than sounds, its represant music for women and men of each region. With that, people can avoid or convert many situations and problems happening to them at every kind of moment in theirs lives, in courage.    The relief's way with music During theirs lives, people are most of the time faced to some life difficulties, making them loose courage and become hopeless. Then, people discover their relief in music, in order to convert their bad moments in hope or take patience in every situations. For example, the song "You a... See more