Music as a real way of communication.

There is no need necessarly for calling people(groups of person), writing letters, or telling directly a person or people, the informations, advices or  sending messages that we want adress them. We can take by a general and exclusive way which is the one of music.


Advices and suggestions through music

More than musical sounds, music is somehow a true way for giving advices, or making suggestions.

As we have just said, music permit making suggestions, the expression of advices, informations and messages.

For exemple, the artist named Kate Nash urges music, industry to change after 2021 festival Bulls reveal lack of non- mâle acts.

An orther exemple is the one of the dead artist Michael Jackson in his song which title is"We are the world.


 Sensibilization  trough music

In it right of advicing people, giving informations and making suggestions, music permit sensibilize people on many things.

Joined to music, many artists use to sensibilize populations on diseases which disturb and kill people all over the world.

As disease or virus, covid-19 become the great killer of  people in the world and  for that there is need for taking by music, in spite of sensibilzation.

Many artists take by music in order to sensibilize people to respect every consign against the propagation of covid-19 in the world.

Among  those artists, we can talk about the artist named Koffi Olomidé of Africa, precisely from Congo, which song title is "Confinement".

Also the artist named Kerozen, of Africa, precisely Ivory Coast had taken trough music to sensibilize people about the pandemie.


After all, we  can understand that music represant a great road by the one people may givye informations, advice people, and make suggestions. Music permit also sensibilize people on everything serious happening to people. Then we ust conclude that music is a real way of communication and advertisment.