Musical instruments that you probably don't know

There are several musical instruments that are unknown to the general public and that you probably don't know. We have put together a list of 4 of the musical instruments. If you are the kind of person who makes music even with a matchbox, you will definitely be interested in the unusual melody produced by them.

The Stylophone

Invented in 1967 by Brian Jarvis, the stylophone is a small electronic instrument consisting of a metal keyboard, which must be played with a pen. You've probably never seen one up close, but you've certainly heard it in action. The stylophone has been used in songs like David Bowie's Space Oddity, and is one of the favorite instruments of British Victoria Christina Hesketh, better known as Little Boots.

The Pikasso Guitar

It took two years (and over a thousand hours) to complete this special four-armed, 42-string guitar. The instrument's similarity to the cubist works of Pablo Picasso earned it the name "Pikasso," but it is a work of art in itself. The person responsible for the intricate, custom creation was Canadian wrestler Linda Manzier, who created the instrument in 1984 specifically for guitarist Pat Metheny.

Laser Harp

Invented by Bernard Szajner in 1981, the laser harp is a curious instrument. Composed of a series of laser beams and connected to a synthesizer, sampler or computer, sound is produced by interrupting the light lines with your hands. French musician Jean Michel Jarre was one of the people responsible for popularizing the instrument, using it in his shows for more than three decades.

The Omnichord

When it was launched in the early 1980s, the Omnichord was an instrument dedicated to beginners. That's because playing, at first, is simple. Sounds are produced by pressing buttons while moving your finger across a touch plate. What started out almost as a toy, eventually became the darling of professional musicians, and the instrument has already ended up on the stage of artists like Robbie Williams, David Bowie, Bjork and Foster the People.